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Insights: Andover and North Andover, MA

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Bell Tower is dedicated to our clients’ success, working with business owners, commercial property owners and commercial real estate investors.

We bring practical ideas, strategic thinking and vision to the table.

With offices in Lawrence and Lowell Massachusetts, we serve the communities north of Boston, the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire including the communities of Andover and North Andover, MA.

Insights – Andover and North Andover, MA

You can count on us to work hard, do what’s right and be fully committed to your success. That includes putting our local market knowledge to work for you leveraging our decades of commercial real estate experience throughout the Merrimack Valley including Andover and North Andover.

Andover and North Andpver, MA

Accessibility, Affordability, & Variety

When it comes to accessibility, both highly desirable communities are accessible via I-495 and I-93 and State Routes 28, 133 and 125. Additionally, Andover is part of the MBTA’s Greater Boston commuter rail system with multiple stations throughout the community. North Andover is a short drive to the MBTA commuter rail lines in Andover and Lawrence.

Both Andover and North Andover have a rich history and offer a variety of commercial properties from office parks and industrial properties to classic New England main streets for retail, office and mixed-use purposes.

Each community offers affordable properties for investments and expanding or relocating one’s business to the area. The area includes restored mills, historic architecture, new construction and in rare cases, select land for development.

Both communities are committed to development, including investing in infrastructure to attract businesses to the area. North Andover is home to the largest Amazon fulfillment center in the state.

A Rich History

Settled in 1646, the two towns were originally one community. In 1855 there was a formal split and the community divided based on the church communities of the time. The original North Parish community became known as North Andover and the South Parish members became residents of Andover. It was a farming community in the early days.

As the Industrial Revolution took hold, entrepreneurs harnessed the power of the Merrimack and Shawsheen Rivers to open woolen mills that processed wool from locally raised sheep. Later, cotton mills and a rubber mill were added to the mix of mill works that were dotted throughout both communities. The mills provided a significant amount of the communities’ employment for more than two centuries. The last mill closed in 1981.

Over the years, the mill buildings have been restored and repurposed for commercial, industrial and mixed-use purposes. The once-thriving mills now provide vibrant areas for business, commerce and retail. In addition to mills, Andover and North Andover offer businesses and investors great opportunities in existing office parks, office buildings and commercial and industrial space.

Building Relationships. Delivering Value.
In Andover and North Andover, MA

Gary Siddell, Bell Tower Commercial Real Estate Group, Lawrence, Lowell, MA
We have extensive experience and local market knowledge and for decades have been committed to smart development in these towns for the betterment of neighborhoods. Andover and North Andover are in the heart of the Merrimack Valley where Bell Tower’s reputation has been earned, one project, one partner at a time.

You can count on us to help and guide you if bringing your business to Andover or North Andover is your goal. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and help you and your business thrive.

A Diverse and Skilled Workforce

Lawrence, MA Workforce
The two communities grew and thrived over the centuries. The original settlers arrived from England not long after the Pilgrims and established the settlement. In the late 18th century, immigrants began arriving from Scotland, Ireland and Germany to work in the mills – as they did in many parts of New England. In the early 20th century, Armenian and eastern European immigrants arrived. After World War II, as the mills slowly began to close, technology companies moved in to replace them, drawing immigrants from Asia. Both communities have thriving Merchants’ Associations that support local business and connect businesses to the communities.

The Greater Boston area is a mecca for education and the same is true in these two communities with internationally renowned Philips Andover and its beautiful campus in downtown Andover, the Brooks School in North Andover and Merrimack College, in North Andover, one of the fastest growing colleges in the nation. Merrimack has a strong relationship with the community, producing highly educated students ready for internships and recruiting.

Lawrence, MA Workforce

Beauty and History Abound in Andover and North Andover

Andover and North Andover, MA
The communities of Andover and North Andover have much to offer property owners, businesses and families. From excellent public-school systems to beautiful natural resources and amenities to historic sites from the early days of America, both communities are desirable places to live and raise a family. Natural beauty endures in all seasons throughout thousands of acres of parks and trails. From farms to quaint downtowns, Andover and North Andover have much to offer real estate investors and business owners seeking to expand or enter desirable business communities while avoiding downtown Boston’s expenses and headaches.

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We offer decades of commercial real estate experience helping business owners, property owners and commercial real estate investors achieve their goals.

Local market knowledge

We have been working in these communities for decades. We have relationships in both the private and public sector to enable us to best serve your needs.

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We offer a breadth of commercial real estate services including commercial real estate brokerage, commercial property management, consulting and project management services.


We’ve earned our reputation for operating with high integrity; bringing vision, strategy and creativity to the table for your benefit. We’re accountable and responsive. You can count on us.

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We have built our reputation serving the communities northwest of Boston and across the Merrimack Valley; including Andover and North Andover.