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Bell Tower is dedicated to our clients’ success, working with business owners, commercial property owners and commercial real estate investors.

We bring practical ideas, strategic thinking and vision to the table.

With offices in Lowell and Lawrence Massachusetts, we serve the communities north of Boston, the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

Our Insights on Lawrence, MA

You can count on us to work hard, do what’s right and be fully committed to your success. That includes putting our local market knowledge to work for you including our decades of commercial real estate experience in Lawrence, MA and the Merrimack Valley.

Lawrence, MA Commercial Real Estate`

Accessibility, Affordability, & Variety

The City of Lawrence is located 25 miles north of Boston and five miles south of New Hampshire with convenient access to major routes including Route 495, Route 93 and State Route 28. Lawrence is an attractive city for commercial property ownership, leasing and investing. Both Lawrence and neighboring Andover are part of the MBTA’s Greater Boston commuter rail system.

The area’s leaders are focused on development, investing in infrastructure to attract businesses to the city and the Merrimack Valley, specifically bordering communities of Andover, North Andover and Methuen. Additionally, Lawrence is home to the MA Development North regional office,  Lawrence Partnership and Mill Cities Community Investments.

The area offers affordable properties for investments and expanding or relocating one’s business to the area. The variety of properties suitable for industrial, commercial, retail or mixed use are numerous. The area includes mills, historic architecture, new construction and in rare cases, select land for development.

A Rich History

Cotton textile mills were home to the workforce in the area until the 1950s and the beautiful structures line the Merrimack River today. Over the years, the mill buildings have been restored and repurposed for commercial, industrial and mixed-use purposes. The once-thriving mills now provide vibrant areas for business, commerce and retail. In addition to the mills, the surrounding communities including Andover, North Andover and Methuen offer businesses and investors great opportunities in existing office parks, office buildings and commercial and industrial space.

Building Relationships. Delivering Value.
In Lawrence & Surrounding Communities

Gary Siddell, Bell Tower Commercial Real Estate Group, Lawrence, Lowell, MA

We have extensive experience and local market knowledge, building our reputation in Lawrence as Bell Tower Management led by the late Chet Sidell and his son, Gary Sidell. Gary Sidell continues the legacy of his father and the reputation built by these two men is known throughout Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. Integrity and relationships describe Gary Sidell and his instrumental role in transforming neglected and underutilized properties to highly desirable properties.

Throughout his career, Gary Sidell has built relationships throughout the city, building strong bonds with banks and other funding sources as well as trusted professionals and contractors to help clients achieve their goals when it comes to commercial real estate. Our office is located at 60 Island Street in Lawrence, MA and our beautiful mill building is just an example of the vision we have for the city and the surrounding communities. You can count on us to help and guide you if bringing your business to the area is your goal. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and help you and your business thrive.

A Diverse and Skilled Workforce

Lawrence, MA Workforce
The “immigrant city” has been home to many different cultures starting in the 1800s. The result is Lawrence is a melting pot with a rich local economy and culture. Starting with the Irish, the city has welcomed immigrants including the Germans, Italians, and Syrians. Recent immigrants have come from the Dominican Republic, offering tremendous diversity and a population that is largely Hispanic.

When moving or relocating your business to Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley, you will have access to a diverse and talented workforce. Lawrence is a business-friendly community that has been expanding over the past several years and continues to prosper. There are many hiring incentives for both local companies and employees to live and work in Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley.

The Greater Boston area is a mecca for education and the same is true for Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. Merrimack College, in North Andover, is one of the fastest growing colleges in the nation. This school has a strong relationship with the City of Lawrence with buildings in the city and the college produces highly educated students ripe for internships and recruiting. Both Cambridge College and Regis College have active campuses in Lawrence with bright students looking to start their careers. Northern Essex Community College (NECCO) has a Lawrence campus providing several different educational paths for their students, delivering curriculums in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic. With a diverse population, the area offers many educational opportunities for learning English as a second language.
Lawrence, MA Workforce
Lawrence, MA Workforce
Another education gem in the Merrimack Valley is Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School, providing college prep education to high school students whose families live below the poverty level. Located in Methuen, this high school graduates 100% of their students with the majority earning scholarships that allow them to be first generation college graduates. Central Catholic High School is a private preparatory high school in Lawrence that draws students in from the Merrimack Valley and beyond. These students are dedicated to learning and know the power of Lawrence and why their school has committed to the city. Lastly, Esperanza Academy is a tuition-free middle school for underprivileged girls in Lawrence. This amazing school blends education and experience for young girls to take with them as they continue to learn. Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley are communities committed to education and continued learning as students graduate and join the workforce.

Arts & Culture Hub

The Merrimack Valley and the City of Lawrence are a celebration of culture in many ways. The city is host to many different ethnic festivals and is surrounded by neighboring, thriving Merrimack Valley communities. The arts and culture are alive and well throughout the area including numerous artistic communities throughout the restored mill buildings and visible throughout the city of Lawrence. Elevated Thought is one example of expression and talent that lives in Lawrence. The Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover on the Phillips Andover Campus is a local treasure as is the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, just steps away from our office.

The culture of Lawrence is visible in a variety of ways including the delicious cuisine. Café Azteca is a family-run staple in the area as well as Japú Restaurant which Bell Tower CRE Group worked with to secure their mill location across from the office. Spicket River Brewery has a mission forward approach focused on creating a clean environment and prosperous ecosystem. Vaka Restaurant is a newer establishment highlighting both Japanese and Dominican cuisine. For early morning coffee and breakfast or a midday sandwich Lu’s Cafe and Bakery is a must try in Lawrence.

In a metropolitan area such as Lawrence, it is not always common to have sprawling parks but it is in Lawrence. Lawrence State National Park spans 23 acres of historical land and the city focuses on preserving it to honor the past immigrants who have worked in the city dedicating themselves to a mill town. Green space is not lost on the rest of the Merrimack Valley making it a desirable place to work and live. Groundwork Lawrence is at the forefront of the parks and open space in the city and at Bell Tower Commercial Real Estate Group we are proud supporters of this organization. The Merrimack Valley is committed to honoring its rich history and continuing to evolve as a vibrant and beautiful part of the Commonwealth.

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